CV. Tolisindo Persada

CV. Tolisindo Persada
Supplier Of Building Materials & Plastic Bottles

Tolisindo Persada Is Building Materials Supplier, Plastic Bottle, Bottle Cosmetic, Perfume Sprayer Bottle, Bottle Spices, Milk Bottle, Bottle Jam, Zam Zam Water Bottle That Has Experienced

Over It, We Have Trust To Provide For Individual Building Materials, Manufacturing Companies, Different Types Of Property Projects, Government Agencies, Both Inside And Outside The Island ..

With The Existence Of Many Years Experience Such, We Ready To Open Up For New Cooperates Profitable For Both Sides.

Here It Is A Product That We Offer:

Building Materials
Geotextile Woven & Non-Woven, Galvalume Roof (Spandek), Light Steel Frame Roof (Frame Roof Truss), Bitumen Roof (Onduline, Onduvilla, Gutapral, Tegola), Gypsum Board, Kalsiboard, Nusaboard, Royal Board, Zinc Wave, Ceramic Tile Kia, Metal Tiles,, Hollow, Battens, Wall Angel (Along Nail Truss), Wiremesh, Iron, Brick Light, Asphalt Pertamina, Floor Deck, Pvc Pipe, Pvc Door, Door Angzdorr, Excellent Door, Sanitary (Onda, Toto, Dupon , Ina, San Ei, American Standard), Kitchen Sink, Bath, Granite Tile, Etc.

Plastic Bottles:
- 250 Ml
- 330 Ml
- 350 Ml
- 500 Ml
- 600 Ml
- 1000 Ml
- 1500Ml
- Bottle Sambel, Jam, Honey
- And Much More
- Zam Zam Water Bottle
- Cosmetic Bottle

Contact Us For Materialbangunan Needs And Your Plastic Bottles. Because "Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal"

. Best Regards,
. Cv. Tolisindo Persada
. Building Material Supplier
. Teak Cottage, Sidoarjo
. Tel: 0318922433
. Hp: 081357017990

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